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These reviews are based on our testing and  customer feedback of the cameras over the past 10 years.  They are unbiased, and will give the good and less good points about all the Minox cameras.


Production: 4,300 estimated, from #2,604,000. Highest seen 2,604300.  Common on ebay


Strengths:  anti-scratch coating much stronger than LX chrome and LX black cameras


Weaknesses: Aesthetic: the inheritance of the 'minox' transfer on front, from very late US-sold LX cameras. This makes the camera more obstrusive.


Reliabiliity: 10/10 Improved  over LX, Problems seen 1. Battery Leaks 2. Greasy shutters need cleaning


Results With the correct 5.6V battery, the TLX gives the best results we have ever seen from any LX class Minox.


Pricing:  Hobbies £299 used to £499 new. Last new price from Minox in 2015 £999. [2008: £399 price cut] .  Ebay £300-400. Collectiblend: £200-£400.


Opinion: underpriced - about the same number of TLX as ECx's. Minox continuous improvement policy has

seen annoying LX shortcomings  (finish,  meter cell window) removed. Use with battery converterto correct exposure to 5.6V.

TLX [1997-2015] 9/10

MINOX mini night vision device

About the MINOX scopes:


MINOX binoculars and spotting scopes are extremely popular thanks to their very high quality. They offer top performance at a very attractive preice-perfomance ratio. From twilight into the deep night, when the human eye and high-power binoculars have reached their optical limits, MINOX night vision devices offer a decisive advantage: their state-of-the-art illumination technology reveals objects that remain otherwise unperceived by the human eye. Ideal for night-time expeditions, hunting observations and game management, or just for one’s own personal safety.



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