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Kodak DIsc  Film Processing

At last, someone offers a low cost, high quality service for your Kodak Disc films.


We make the cofident claim that your disc film will look better than when they were first printed.


8x10mm  are grainy, but the camera lenses were always sharper than the enlargers allowed at the time: the reason was that few processors used the recommeneded Kodak enlarging lens.


Using latest technology and a proprietary non-destrutive holder, we can make the best possible job of restoring your disc negaives.


Modern scanners can find correct exposure and  sharpening to boost the quality of the 10x8mm negative, but only if you use the right scanners. Hobbies use negative scanners with special holders that rotate the disc between  scans.


Many scanning houses cannot scan disc negatives without cuting the disk up into smal bits: we avoid damage by using a special holder for our scanning units.


Quirk: unexposed disc films before 1988  prodiuce better results than 1990's disc films.

We find Kodak disc films last the longest: then Fuji, then 'own-brand'.










Kodak Disc Film also in stock for £9.99

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