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Film and Processing drop-off now in Putney @ digimac


Opening soon: Main shop in North London


Hobbies Design Studio


As well as selling Minox Leica and other brand equipment, we also design our own tools to replace Minox equipment which is longer made:


Hobbies Design


Keyhole Punch for Minos Films when used wirth developing tank        £49

 Pucnhes the exact size to attach the film to the developing tank.


Metal spols for Minox 8x11mm cassetes           £9.50 each

 Everlastng film spools for MInox cassettes


Riga Post-card enlarger adapter                         Special Order


 the Minox RIGA enlarger could take a postcard adapter underneath the enlarger

 support 6x4" enlargements. Very few of these now exist, so we made our own

 version that fits the enlarger exactly. The lens is indiivdually callibrated with each

 adapter to ensure maxium sharpness


Riga Enlarger Battery-Pack                                Special Order


 The RIGA enlarger could with a battery pack (without a safelight), so we are

 recreating the necessary connections and batery holders needed


Punch for film-start identification                          £5.99


 If loading your own films, punch with at the start with this special square punch so  

 you kmow if the film is started or not.