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Film and Processing drop-off now in Putney @ digimac


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Film Development and Scans/Prints for all formats


M.S. Hobbies specialises in processing  and scanning subminiature formats:-





Kodak Disc


All processing is in-house, by hand for Black and White, Transparency E6 and Color Negative C41.


For Minox we offer an extra analog film printing service for Black and White negatives: we use several enlarger models depending on the camera used.


For Kodak Disc we offer non-destructive film scanning, the film remians uncut.


Resolution is at native 2700 dpi, as we find that is the sharpest resolution across all outr scanes, We can do higher 5400 dpi (native, not interpolated) but we find the images are not as sharp. For all these formats, 4000 dpi will produce a 11x8 print, but sharpest prints are at 5 x 3.5.


All prints are corrected as they come out of the scanner, They are capable of improvement in photoshop


Processing form download:-










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